IEEE Twelfth Workshop on RTL and High Level Testing 2011

MNIT Jaipur, India November 25-26, 2011



WRTLT’11 has obtained the required political clearance from Ministry of External Affairs, India. If needed, you can attach a copy of this clearance along with your Visa application.


Also, the clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs, India, can be found here.


In general, non-Indian nationals require Visa to travel to India. Please contact the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate in your country for Visa related details.


The Organizing Committee, WRTLT - 2011, will be very happy to send you an Invitation Letter required for obtaining your Visa. Please send us your passport details as given below, so that we can issue the Invitation Letter.


Title:                                Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms

Name:                              _____________________

(As on Passport)

Nationality:                      _____________________

Passport Number:          _____________________

Place of Issue:                 _____________________

Date of Issue:                  _____________________

Passport valid till:           _____________________

Affiliation:                        _____________________

Mailing Address:             _____________________

Phone number:                _____________________


Since the Visa process can take time, you are requested to send the above mentioned details to the General Chair (gaurms at gmail dot com) urgently, so that Letter of Invitation can be issued on priority basis.


If you need a Visa to visit India, please note the following:


A) Please send an email to the General Chair (gaurms at gmail dot com) with all the required information mentioned above. The local organizer will then issue you an invitation letter.


B) Please note that as WRTLT is a technical conference and the organizer MNIT Jaipur is a Government Educational Institution, no further clearance is required except for the citizens of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and Stateless persons. Please visit the following website for further details FAQs on India Visa.


More concretely, the following clearance documents are NOT required for conference Visa application:

1.  A copy of event clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (GoI).

2. Administrative approval of the Nodal Ministry, Government of India (GoI).

3. Political clearance from the M/O External Affairs, Government of India (GoI).

4. Clearance from the concerned State Government (s).


C) Please include this letter with your Visa application which clearly states that no clearance document is required.


D) If you are citizen of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and Stateless persons, we will provide you with the clearance documents.


E) If you face any difficulty with the Visa process, please get in touch with the General Chair Prof. MS Gaur (gaurms at gmail dot com) immediately so that the appropriate documents can be provided.


F) Please inform Prof. MS Gaur (gaurms at gmail dot com) once your Visa application is successful.