Conference Hotel

WRTLT has the following types of rooms at the conference hotel (Aki Grand Hotel) with discounted rate for Nov. 24 – Nov. 25, 2016 depending on the number of nights to stay. For one night stay on Nov.24th, Japanese-style rooms are available. For two nights stay on Nov. 24th and Nov. 25th, Western-style single/twin rooms are available. Breakfast is offered for all of these room types. Please note that the number of rooms is limited.

Highlights of Aki Grand Hotel

Bath, toilet, refrigerator, yukata, towels, tooth-brush, razor, etc.


The detail for each room-type is listed below.

  1. Japanese-style room (ocean side)
    • Available for one night stay, Nov.24 only
    • 4 – 6 persons per room
    • Two types of reservations can be made
      • Type1: Group reservation
        • Room is occupied by a group of 4 – 6 persons
        • A representative should reserve a room with 3 to 5 other attendees as a group
        • Room charge depends on the number of persons to stay
          • 4 persons: JPY44,000 (JPY11,000/person)
          • 5 persons: JPY49,500 (JPY9,900/person)
          • 6 persons: JPY52,800 (JPY8,800/person)
      • Type2Shared room
        • A room will be shared by WRTLT attendees
        • WRTLT assigns the room
        • Reservation can be made by an individual
        • Persons preferred to share the room can be listed on the reservation form
          • WRTLT considers the preference during room assignment, but does NOT provide any guarantee
        • Per-person fee depends on the total number of persons who chose this reservation type
          • Per-person fee = Total room charge / Total number of persons
            • Room charge follows that of Type1
          • JPY8,800 – JPY11,000/person
  2. Western-style room
    • Available for two nights stay, Nov. 24 and Nov. 25
    • **One night stay is NOT available**
    • Twin-room (ocean side)
      • Either a single-use or a twin-use is available
      • SINGLE-use: JPY28,600 per room for 2 nights
      • TWIN-use: JPY39,600 per room for 2 nights
    • Single-room (mountain side)  Fully booked
      • JPY19,800 for 2 nights

*ATTENTION* (Updated 29/09/’16)

  • Room fee includes service charge, and consumption tax.
  • Payment must be made directly to the hotel on per-room basis. Credit card can be used by only one representative for each room. 
  • In order to secure the discounted rate, please make sure that you will have to make your reservation through our reservation form. Hotel reservation is completely independent of the conference registration.
  • Since WRTLT will be held in a different location from ATS, we strongly recommend the attendees who will also attend ATS to move to Aki Grand Hotel on Nov. 24th.
  • Attendees joining the social event (visiting Miyajima island) in the early morning on Nov. 25th are also recommended to stay Aki Grand Hotel as the boat departs from the pier in the hotel.

Reservation form is due by 23:59 JST on Nov. 3, 2016.

Cancellation policy:
50% of your total amount will be charged if you notify your cancellation on Nov. 22 or Nov. 23.
100% of your total amount will be charged if you notify your cancellation on Nov. 24.