Keynote Speech


Using System Level Test to screen Automotive products: test the IC in the system before the system tests your IC


Dr. Davide Appello (STMicroelectronics)


An apparently invisible revolution is crisscrossing the semiconductor industry developing components targeted to the automotive market. Until recent days, this industry usually behaved unadventurously, adopting technology and solution previously experimented by other industry applications. The sudden increase of the required performances pushed to the adoption of very advanced technology nodes.
We expect that all these will also have an impact on the methods and solutions applied during production test.
A very popular topic is functional safety (FuSa) whose requirements are nowadays pervading the majority of new designs. FuSa is indeed an innovative element of our industry essential to the actual development of autonomous driving. It is already a consolidated solution present in many safety applications including for example braking, steering and passive safety devices. Test engineer welcomed the introduction of FuSa. Many advanced testability features became part of the functionalities offered to the customer and therefore no more seen as overhead for the SoC implementation.
Above description outlines a number of positive effects that FuSa brought to many applications and definitively to the safety of the electronics appliances. Which are the implications? FuSa features, including many DFT will be therefore activated during EOL manufacturing test and in the system. How do we ensure that activation conditions are coherent or that, EOL test takes sufficient margins respect in-field?
This examples open the big topic: DUT performances assessed through DFT test are well correlating with those at system level?
During the talk we will elaborate on this main question, in specific consideration of the typical requirements of automotive products.


Dr. Davide Appello holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from the Alma Ticinensis Universitas, at Pavia, Italy. He is with STMicroelectronics since 1994 where he is concerned with testability and testing and is currently product engineering and business operations director for the automotive digital solutions division. His main interests include the screening process in the IC industry for automotive components, test economics, testability, reliability and diagnostic.

Dr. Davide Appello