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WRTLT 2021 Best Paper Award

Nov. 3, 2022

To encourage innovative and high-impact research work, the WRTLT 2021 Organizing Committee decided to present a Best Paper Award.

Here I am privileged to announce the winner of the WRTLT 2021 Best Paper Award:

An Estimation Method of Defect Types Using Artificial Neural Networks and Fault Detection Information
Natsuki Ota, Toshinori Hosokawa, Koji Yamazaki, Yukari Yamauchi and Masayuki Arai (Nihon University)

On behalf of the Program Committee, I congratulate the authors of the WRTLT 2021 Best Paper for their excellent research achievement and outstanding contribution to WRTLT 2021.

Hideyuki Ichihara
Hiroshima City University
WRTLT2021 Program Committee Chair

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The organizing committee of WRTLT 2021 has decided to hold this symposium virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring researchers and practitioners on LSI testing from all over the world together to exchange ideas and experiences on register transfer level (RTL) and high level testing. WRTLT’21, the 22nd workshop, will be held in conjunction with the 30th Asian Test Symposium (ATS’21).

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • RTL fault modeling, ATPG, DFT, BIST
  • High-level fault modeling, testing and synthesis for testability
  • Functional fault modeling and test bench generation
  • System Level Testing
  • 3D IC testing
  • SoC/NoC testing, test scheduling, core-based testing, interconnect testing
  • Reliable SoC, system level reliability, self-repair, fault tolerant SoC
  • Microprocessor testing, design verification
  • Low power testing and Test compression
  • Hardware trojan detection and secure testing

Key days

・Submission deadline: August 20, 2021.
-> September 10, 2021. Extended!

・Notification of acceptance: September 24, 2021.
-> October 5, 2021. Extended!

・Camera-ready: October 29, 2021.
-> November 10, 2021. Extended!

General information
Toshinori Hosokawa, General Chair